The 'diya' :- in the mono represents 'gyan' (knowledge). Just as the 'diya' diffuses light dispelling the darkness, may the staff diffuse the light of knowledge and wisdom to dispel the darkness of ignorance and doubt and lead the students to the life of light.

The Cross :- points towards sacrificial service that Jesus taught by his life and death on the cross. The two beams of the cross, one vertical and the other horizontal invite us to love God and fellow human beings by our own life. It is Christ who said, "There is no grater love that a man can have than to lay down his own life for his friends." It is the same love, God's love that Tagore longed to carry in his being. We read in Gitanjali. "Let me carry thy love in my life, as a harp does its music and give it back at last with my life."

The motto 'Be a light to be a Light' inspires every student to integrate into his/her life good and moral values through which he/she can become flames of love, truth and service to build up a new and better society.

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