• The House system has been introduced in the school. Its aim is to
    inculcate in the students the spirit of unity and collaboration so that each one
    contributing his/her own proper efforts and talents, may help to build up his/her
    House on the foundation of learning, sportsmanship and fine arts of dance and
  • It also aims at fostering in the students a sense of collective responsibility
    and solidarity and at the same time to enkindle and develop the social qualities
    latent in every child.
  • The House System channelizes the discipline in the school and school life
    with all its complex activities and directs the energies school pupils in the
  • The entire school has been divided into Four Houses. Each House has a
    captain and a Vice-captain, as part of leadership training.
  • To foster the spirit of self-reliance and responsibility, the Point System
    has been introduced for all Curricular and Co-curricular activities of the school.
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