St. Pauls Sr. Secondary School seeks to provide a happy, stable and secure environment to its students.
Our main objectives are as under:

The School aims at overall development of the child with emphasis on character and a spirit of service, making him or her fearless, self-dependant and self-reliant. The School stands for academic excellence development of skills and character formation based on the Love of God and service of humanity as modelled in Jesus Christ with a view to train future citizens with sincere commitment to God and country. The class of Christian Doctrine is compulsory for all Catholic students. Value education for all classes is conducted on moral principles to install the values of simplicity, dignity of labour, forgiveness, tolerance, respect and generosity in the students.

Though this School is meant primarily for the members of the Christian community (as provided in Article 30(i) of the Indian Constitution), it is also open to the members of all communities as per the availability of seats. The management reserves its rights to grant or deny admission to any student. The Fathers and sisters who work here have dedicated their lives to God and humanity to render devoted service in the educational field. They spare no effort to create a congenial and happy environment for the students in order to develop their individual abilities. Education for justice, equality and a non-communal outlook will be a special feature of the school.

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