Every St Paulian is expected to behave well at all times and in all places. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. The whole hearted co-operation of the parents is expected at all times in the formation of the characters of their children. As the child progresses from the lower to the upper classes he/she will

be given increasing opportunities to shift from conforming to externally imposed order to self-imposed discipline. The school will insist on strict punctuality, greater school attendance, cleanliness in dress, general grooming and fidelity to study and work assignment.


1. Students are not granted leave of absence unless their parents/guardians send in an application and that too for serious reasons only. Those taking leave without the permission of the Principal are liable to dismissal.


2. When a student falls ill, the Principal should be informed at the earliest and when comes to school, he/she must bring the excuse duly entered in the ABSENCE RECORD (in the diary, signed by the parent /guardian) failing which he/she may be refused admission to class. Sick leave for two or more than two days must be substantiated by a proper medical certificate. Advance written permission of the principal is required if a child is to be taken out of

station during working days for more than two days. Students suffering from any infectious diseases like measles must complete the quarantine period before rejoining the school.


3. Student unable to rejoin classes after the holiday should take written permission from the Principal in advance. Defaulters in this regard may find their names struck off the rolls.


4. A student coming late to school will not be admitted to class unless he/she brings a written excuse from home on the LATE ATTENDANCE RECORD of the diary.


5. No student is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the written permission of the Principal. No student will be allowed to go home during the class hours unless one of the parents or guardian comes with a written application to fetch him/her.


6. Making unnecessary noise, running about, playing or shouting yelling, howling, whistling etc. inside the school building is strictly forbidden.


7. Any damage done to the school property will have to be made good.


8. Students should see that they do not throw pieces of papers, seeds etc. anywhere in the school premises. They should use the waste paper baskets and the dust bins provided for this purpose. Eco observers appointed by the Principal will see that this is implemented.


9. A student whose uniform or appearance is untidy may be refused admission to the class. If a student is not in school uniform, he/she shall get a letter from the parent/guardian and shall get a note from the teacher in charge, in the UNIFORM AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE RECORD. This privilege should be availed of only in unavoidable circumstances.


10. Any student reaching school after the first bell will not be allowed to enter the school premises. At the first bell, all must take their allotted places in silence for the morning assembly. After the assembly they are expected to go in silence to their respective classes.


11. The Discipline in charges assume responsibility for the order and discipline of the class in the absence of the teacher and also the responsibility of general discipline during outside classroom activities.


12. When the students have to move along the corridors, while the classes are in progress, they should do so in silence.


13. No books - other than what is required for the classes or from the school library may be brought to school.


14. The school is not responsible for the books, money, clothes etc. lost. The students should look after their own things. They are advised not to bring any valuables to school.


15. During the intermission the students are not allowed to enter the classrooms.


16. Students are expected to take part in the co-curricular activities as and when they are asked to do so.


17. Within the school premises the students are expected to speak only English. Language observers appointed by the principal will see that this is implemented.


18. Private tuitions are discouraged. No parent is to engage any teacher of the school in private tuitions without proper permission. If found out both the student and the teacher may be asked to leave the school.


19. Parents/guardians are expected to co-operate with the staff in enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their wards prepare their lessons, do their home work as shown in diaries and by taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the school.


20. Parents/guardians are expected to sign the remarks send to them through the school diary. Students will not be admitted to classes if such reports are not duly signed by their parents.


21. Parents/guardians are allowed to meet the teachers only on Saturdays after the intermission. They are not allowed to meet the students or interview the teachers during school hours or any other day without the written permission to the principal.


22. Riding along the in-roads or the playground of the school is prohibited.


23. Parking facility is granted to the students who come to the school on bicycle and powered vehicles, with valid driving license. A photocopy of the license should be given to the teacher in charge and the necessary passes are to be obtained from him/her.


24. Students are not allowed to buy eatables from the ‘thela walas’ around the school.


25. When a student is on LEAVE or LATE and not in uniform on any working day he/she should present the record to the Principal or Incharge either or whom will initial it with “L”, “Lt” or “NIU” as the case may be.


26. Students are not allowed to use any sort of pan masala, gutka, cigarettes etc.


27. Students are not allowed to bring plastic bags inside the school premises.


28. Nobody is allowed to bring or use Mobile/Cell phones cameras or any other electronic gadgets in the school campus.

29. Any reasonable complaint or grievance should directly be addressed to the Principal



1.    Conveyance of students is not the responsibility of the school. It is entirely the responsibility of the parents, still the school provides with an optional bus service. This service is meant only for those who have no other means to travel to school.

2.    To discontinue the use of bus a written request must be made one month in advance; otherwise students are liable to pay the bus fees of that month. In cases of circumstances beyond control, the management reserves the right not to provide the bus service to students and fees charged during the period will not be refunded.

3.    Using the school bus is an occasion for the pupils to cultivate good habits, patience, forbearance, tolerance, sympathy, team spirit, co-operation and consideration for others.

4.    Gentleman / lady like behavior is expected of the students while waiting for the bus at the boarding points and in the bus. The students will enter and leave the bus in a single line.
Special consideration should be given to the weaker and smaller students.

5.    No singing, shouting or moving about or throwing articles out or making comments on the people outside is allowed in the school bus.

6.    Putting hands or head or elbows outside the windows is strictly forbidden.

7.    Students are not allowed to change their bus stops or trips without the prior permission from the Management.

8.    The management has the right to take necessary disciplinary action if a student is found misbehaving in the bus or damaging the school bus.

9.    If the school bus fails to come on any day on account of some unforeseen difficulty, the students should come by other means. No complaint will be entertained on that issue.

10.  The school bus will not wait for late comers.


1.    Fees are charged in four instilments.

2.    Fees are to be paid by the 15th of specific months. Defaulters are liable to be refused admission to class and be fined.

3.    Parents and guardians are requested to verify the entries.

4.    All dues must be cleared before a student is admitted for the term examinations.

5.    A month's notice is required before the withdrawal of a student from the school, or a month's fee, in lieu of such notice will be charged.

6.    Transfer certificate will not be issued until all the dues to the school are cleared.

7.    The Principal/Management has the right to increase the tuition fees, term fees, bus fees etc. and also to introduce any kind of additional fees as and when the need arises. The collection of the fees will be done in Punjab National bank A/C Numbers - 016601,016610

8.     SBI Collect:-  go to fee online option in the website.


1.    Every student is expected to maintain an attendance of atleast 75 percent during the academic year failing which he / she may not be allowed to take the examination.

2.    A proper leave application must be submitted in writing by the parent to the Principal in case of absence.

3.    If a student is absent without reason for more than six days, his / her name may be struck off the school rolls.

4.    Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal.




1.    Students absenting themselves from any of the examinations or tests are not re-examined, whatever may be the reason. Class projects are to be submitted on the fixed day, failing which the projects may not be accepted.

2.    The results of the examinations are final and will not be re-considered.

3.    A pupil who fails twice in the same class shall not be allowed to continue in the school under any circumstances.

4.    If a student does not appear at the main examinations he/she will be considered to have failed except account of sickness, subject to the discretion of the Principal.

5.    A pupil may not be allowed to sit in the Annual Examination if he/she has not put in a minium of 75% of the attendance at the end of the academic session.

6.    Report of conduct and progress are issued at the end of each examination and are shown to parents and guardians on a day fixed by the principal. The report should be returned on the following day duly signed by the parent or guardian. If the pupil fails to bring the report duly signed he/she will be sent home forth with. In this case the school disclaims all responsibility.

7.    If any student is found cheating during the examinations the student will not be permitted to continue writing the exam. The particular exam will be cancelled for the student


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